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I have no complaints about the reps who call me monthly to schedule delivery - they are always pleasant and friendly. The shipping is very fast, and they will use my preferred shipper (UPS) upon request.

So those two functions they have done well. HOWEVER, their billing practices are horrid. Double billing monthly (one is a 'statement', a week later the other is a 'bill'. Mysteriously disappearing co-pay assist data.

I even had to contact them repeatedly because my billing had stopped for 4 months! I knew I had a balance, and that the longer it went, the more fouled up they would make it. Too many issues to fully list, but if you are reading this, I suspect you have encountered some of them. My word of advice is to DOCUMENT & COPY EVERYTHING.

I copy every bill I pay, with my check laid across the front.

I keep a copy of every written communication I send, and a list with names of every call I have to make to them to straighten out a problem. So get some file folders, and a printer that makes copies - you're gonna need it.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You can file a complaint here I am an RN and am fed up with how my pts.

Have been treated by this pharmacy. You are not alone in your experience. Many pts.

are frustrated and the clinical staff involved at your physicians office is equally frustrated. Please complain.

New Hampshire, United States #1313024

PS: They will never, ever get my credit card info for automatic billing. I want an old fashioned paper trail with them.

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