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I've been taking Actvar since Oct. 2017 is was suppise to start in Sept.

The representive I was dealing with did'nt know her job. So I missed a month. Now I'm having a problem every month when it's time to order.

There service is horrbile I wouldn't recommand this company to anyone. I have'nt had my medication in 2 day's and it's an injection...

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better check into your missing month, they did that to me in January. I found out they got paid for my January medication and I didn't get it.

still fighting over it with them. I told them to apply the amount towards what I owe them currently, they won't do it so until they straighten this out I am not paying them, they would still owe me a credit.

They do everything they can not to have to deal with you, you have to fight for your rights!!! Join the law suit!

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